Having opened his first business in his early twenties, built a national retail chain, mentored small business owners, held numerous board and public sector roles, taught MBA students, addressed global summits and served as the 78th Lord Mayor of Adelaide, it is undeniable that Martin has a wealth of personal experience and a compelling story to share.

It is not surprising that Martin is writing a book about his own life journey, sharing the ten key principles that have enabled him to travel from shopkeeper to Lord Mayor and beyond.

In an age where it seems that change is the only constant and the pace of that change is rapidly increasing, Martin will use his personal experience to explain how 're-invention' was the key to not merely accepting change but embracing and exploiting it as a positive force for personal business and community relevance.

Now as the Chair of the Premier's Climate Change Council and CEO of Business SA, Martin is applying those same principles for the benefit of many individuals and businesses and the sustainability of the natural environment for which South Australia is world renowned.

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