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Leadership, results and recognition

Martin’s commitment to the City of Adelaide

  • “I am supporting Martin Haese as the first choice for Lord Mayor because as a city resident he strongly supports the City of Adelaide’s residential sector in delivering a safer, cleaner and more attractive place to live. He supports the preservation of our Parklands, heritage listed buildings and will protect and enhance the lifestyle provided for residents.

    Martin has a compelling vision for the City of Adelaide to become the first choice for visiting, learning and doing business. As a former retailer himself, he has the experience to help the city’s retail community to grow their businesses and employ more of South Australia’s younger people. He believes that the city must sort out its traffic woes and has the communication skills to bring everyone together to do it.

    I believe that Martin is a rare individual and the only candidate who has the leadership skills to enable the Adelaide City Council to reclaim its former position as the most respected local government in Australia.”

    Steve Condous AM, Former Lord Mayor, City of Adelaide
  • “Martin is the only Lord Mayoral candidate that has the ability and proven experience to make Adelaide great again.”

    Graham Woollard Past Chairman SA Great

Martin’s commitment to the residential community

  • “Realistic but forward thinking, Martin has stuck to his goals and Adelaide’s growth and welfare have long been his interest”.

    Doreen Bulbeck
    (Resident, City of Adelaide)
  • “Martin would unquestionably be a remarkable Lord Mayor for the City of Adelaide. He is committed to promoting a positive vision which he will deliver with leadership, communication and by advocating for the best interests of the people he represents.”

    Yoland Higgs (Resident, City of Adelaide)
  • “Martin is a breath of fresh air for the Adelaide City Council. Martin is a good listener, progressive and has originality of thought along with the drive to turn Adelaide into a vibrant and exciting city.”

    Jan McCarthy
    (Resident, City of Adelaide)

Martin’s contribution to leadership and entrepreneurship

  • "Martin is the consummate professional. He is entrepreneurial, passionate, energetic, super intelligent and capable of cutting through complexity and delivering on promised goals.”

    Mark Kirtland, Managing Director, Think Water Sturt Street, Adelaide
  • “I was fortunate to be employed by Martin Haese for over 10 years. Martin is renowned for his ability to lead, connect and inspire people to take action and make changes that will positively influence their business and personal life. His passion and drive to succeed is infectious and his commitment to his team is second to none”.

    Meagan McLaren, National Sales Manager (former) Youthworks Group

Martin’s contribution to education

  • “Martin Haese has made a major impact as an entrepreneur in South Australia. His passion and commitment to entrepreneurial development, together with his significant knowledge and facilitative skills in this area would be invaluable in developing Adelaide as a centre of excellence in entrepreneurship.”

    Emeritus Professor Selva Abraham MBA PhD, Chairman, Australian Institute of Business, Currie Street, Adelaide

Martin’s contribution to the retail sector

  • “Martin has superior leadership qualities in every respect from developing and implementing innovative community events to providing business advice, encouraging networking with like-minded groups or as a mentor”

    Dr Dyann Smith, Managing Director, Raw Pearls Adelaide Arcade, Adelaide
  • “I have known Martin for over 20 years and his commitment, creativity and ability to think outside the square is undeniable. Martin has selflessly represented the interests of the retail community in the city over many years. As a city retailer, member on the Rundle Mall Round Table, Board Member and then General Manager of the Rundle Mall Management Authority (RMMA), Martin earned the respect of the city’s traders and developed a reputation for being a good listener, a doer and someone who gets results.”

    Dennis Karis, Managing Director, Shades and the Opt Shop Rundle Mall, Adelaide
  • “Martin has demonstrated himself to be a transformative, dependable, articulate and persuasive leader and the Rundle Mall stakeholders and wider City of Adelaide owe him a debt of gratitude for playing a pivotal role in revitalising the heart of the City.”

    Theo Maras AM, Chairman, Maras Group

Martin’s contribution to local and international business

  • “We have a multi-billion dollar city economy and our State’s capital city needs a strong leader to grow the economy and balance the needs of business and residents. Whether you live, work or just enjoy our wonderful city, the City of Adelaide must have strong leadership with vision, action and integrity. Martin Haese is our first choice for Lord Mayor”

    Andrew Cohen FAICD, Chief Executive Officer, Cohen Group
  • “Martin's strong work ethic has allowed him to lead by example, inspiring those around him to go the extra mile needed for success.”

    Dr Stephen Riady, Chairman, OUE Limited (Singapore)
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