Genevieve Theseira-Haese

Lady Mayoress 2014 - 2018

“I was grateful to be a voice for multi-culturalism, community wellbeing and women’s achievement”

In 2014 Martin was elected Lord Mayor of Adelaide following a successful campaign in which Genevieve took an active role in strategy and marketing.

Following a motion passed through Council, Genevieve became Lady Mayoress of Adelaide in November 2014.

Genevieve embodies the spirit of Queen Adelaide working closely and tirelessly with the community in creating a multicultural city.

She has opened the doors of Adelaide Town Hall and her heart to the people of Adelaide achieving something few other Lady Mayoresses have - she has broken down the barriers between ‘them and us’ and created ‘us’.

As Lady Mayoress, Genevieve created the HerStory South Australia movement to share the untold stories of women in South Australia.

Genevieve has the ability to lead and engage others in the delivery of purposeful community projects with courage, creativity and passion.

As Lady Mayoress, Genevieve achieved much to raise the profile of small and large organisations through fund raising, advocacy and community support.

Genevieve played an active role as patron to:

  • The National Council of Women, South Australia  which supports social action and advocacy for the removal of discrimination against women and the promotion of equal status of women and men through public forums and events.
  • The South Australia Health and Medical Research Institute an independent flagship health and medical research institute providing nutrition and metabolism awareness support.
  • Students Explore Australia facilitating 'once in a lifetime' experiences for many thousands of student 'explorers,' introducing them to outback and indigenous culture through the provision of camps, tours and day trips to various locations across South Australia.
  • Amicus Global a social/cultural organisation based in South Australia but with strong links around the world and dedicated to the advance on inter-culturalism, support of Commonwealth of Nations and various global humanitarian projects.
  • Minimisation of Suicide Harm (MOSH) a not for profit organisation raising awareness of the ripple effect of suicide and mental illness within Australia and promoting mentally healthy communities.
  • The Magdalene Centre (Anglicare SA) offering a range of anti-poverty services with the aim of supporting people as they regain control of their lives.
  • Teaspoons of Change a small organisation doing important work in aligning business education and government with global impacts and goals.
  • The Multicultural Communities Council of South Australia a peak body that services, empowers and advocates for cultural and linguistically diverse communities in South Australia.

Genevieve also acted in the capacity of Ambassador for:

  • Straits Settlement Network SA
  • City of Adelaide Clipper Ship
  • The National Trust (City Chapter)
  • Nutrition Festival 2015
  • North Adelaide Golf Club
  • Business Women's Golf Club

Genevieve holds honorary memberships with:

  • Adelaide City Rotarian Club
  • Adelaide City Lion's Club
  • SA Victoria League for Commonwealth
  • Pioneer Association of South Australia



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HerStory began as a project to research and tell the stories of prominent South Australian women, however it quickly grew in to a movement as amateur historians found more and more remarkable stories of South Australian women and the leading roles they played in establishing the state's reputation for boldness, bravery, intelligence and creativity.

Learn more about HerStory here

Multicultural Champion

Genevieve has long been a champion of our multicultural society but as Lady Mayoress she was able to bring those communities together for the common good. Her work with the Multicultural Communities Council of SA has furthered that organisation's efforts to support communities and members through strong collaborative leadership, advocacy and resources.

Learn more about the Multicultural Communities Council of SA here.

Sister Cities or City Sisters?

While Adelaide's sister city network goes largely unnoticed by the general public, those relationships are quietly formed and maintained for the mutual benefit of all parties. As Lady Mayoress, Genevieve worked tirelessly to strengthen those ties even further by launching the 'City Sisters' network bringing women from our sister cities together.

Learn more about Adelaide's sister city network here

Public speaking engagements

Genevieve is an accomplished public speaker, having addressed many and varied audiences throughout her career. Genevieve is available for guest speaking events and welcomes your enquiries.