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Four major policy results that I will deliver in my first term

Policy Number One:

Under My Leadership - The City of Adelaide will be a safer, cleaner, and more liveable city

“As your Lord Mayor, I will make it my highest priority to ensure that the City of Adelaide builds upon its credentials as a liveable city. I will ensure that North Adelaide, the city precincts and parklands are safe, clean and attractive places to be during day or night. Whilst vibrancy is important, authenticity is paramount.”

Policy Details

Safety – I believe in the surety of a safe and secure environment and like you I become alarmed when I hear of violence on our streets. As your Lord Mayor, I will make it my highest priority to ensure that North Adelaide, the city precincts and parklands are safe places to be during the day, evening and night time. I will do this with improved public lighting, engaging with the community, working with the State Government and educating the general public. I will work with the Minister for Police and the South Australian Police Commissioner to ensure adequate resources are allocated toward making our streets and parks safe.

Cleanliness – As your Lord Mayor, I will make sure that the City of Adelaide is the cleanest city in the nation. I will ensure that the folks at City Council who keep the city’s streets and parklands pristine are properly resourced and acknowledged as they deliver this important promise.

Attractiveness – Our surroundings play a major role in determining our quality of life. It is well documented that beautiful streets, parks and buildings attract residents, visitors and tourists to cities. I consider Adelaide as being a contemporary yet classical city and it must remain as such. As a former resident, I also know that North Adelaide is unique and its leafy streets and amenity must be considered as such. As your Lord Mayor, I will protect the parklands, progressively green the city, plant more trees and flowers, ensure that our footpaths and kerbs are looking their best, increase the amount of quality public art, safeguard our heritage, champion development with aesthetic integrity and focus on the city’s amenity and functionality.

To ensure that we do not fall prey to inconsistent outcomes, I will ensure that a ‘Style Guide’ is developed for the City of Adelaide. This will be developed in conjunction with the community and will inform how we treat our parks and streetscapes moving forward.

Vibrancy – As your Lord Mayor, I will acknowledge and build upon the work done to date by Council and the State Government in their quest to make Adelaide a more vibrant city. I am a great supporter of the arts, live music and of the City of Adelaide’s growing food, wine and coffee culture. Cultural and sporting events have the potential to draw even greater numbers of people into our city and reinvigorate our spaces. Whilst I support Council’s placemaking agenda, I will ensure that there is greater engagement and flow on benefits for the City of Adelaide’s business community. As a former resident of North Adelaide, I also understand the desire for quiet enjoyment whilst belonging to something larger.

Authenticity – As we progress, we must remain true to ourselves and our vision for the City of Adelaide. By ensuring that we approach the future with a greater sense of authenticity, we will be more assured of doing the right things for the right reasons.

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Policy Number Two:

Under my Leadership - The City of Adelaide will be the 1st choice destination for visiting, learning and doing business

“As your Lord Mayor, I have the vision and experience to grow our tourism, education and business sectors. I will draw upon the City of Adelaide’s formidable intellect by asking what’s possible in our quest to create tomorrow’s city today.”

Policy Details

I have concern for the health of the business sector in the City of Adelaide.

As a long term business owner in the city, I am disturbed about how many businesses are experiencing difficulties. Not a week goes by where I do not hear business owners sharing with me their hardships. Families are being torn apart, jobs are being lost and people’s health is being affected... and, things are currently not improving.

Recognising the differing needs of smaller enterprises (SMEs) and larger corporations, I will work at all levels to create the conditions that inspire greater confidence in doing business in the City of Adelaide. As your Lord Mayor, I will assist the city’s small business sector with programs that identify opportunities, build capacity, improve digital literacy, provide networking opportunities, reduce red tape, share best practice and achieve growth. I will expand Council’s business support services and provide new and existing business operators with experienced case managers who provide support, build relationships, educate and assist our business people. Most importantly, I will reduce the barriers to entry and bring more people into our commercial districts.

I want to see the Adelaide Central Market, Chinatown, Rundle Mall, O’Connell Street, Melbourne Street, Hutt Street, East End, West End and all of our districts thriving. To do this, I will draw upon my own experience as a city retailer, as a General Manager of the Rundle Mall Management Authority, entrepreneur and educator. I will actively support the city’s Precinct Groups by ensuring that they are adequately resourced, goal directed and acknowledged for the valuable work they do in representing the interests of their local communities.

For the corporate sector, I will attract more offices to the central business district and create the conditions for greater investment. After proper consultation has first taken place, I will ensure that the building approval process is acted upon with a greater sense of urgency. I will use my ability to talk one-on-one with business leaders across Australia, Asia and beyond. I will engage with local business leaders, education institutions and industry bodies and invite captains of industry to Adelaide to explore how we can immediately get to work at building the City of Adelaide into a considerably stronger place to do business. I will collaborate closely with my fellow elected members and engage the smartest of minds in our goal to build Team Adelaide and improve our commercial outcomes.

E Education
A Arts
S Sport
T Tourism

Using ‘EAST’ as an acronym, I will place considerable emphasis on building the City of Adelaide’s credentials as a globally recognised centre for education, arts, sport and tourism. In doing so, we will attract greater numbers of visitors from the eastern states, South East Asia, China and beyond.

Adelaide is ideally positioned as a learning city. Whilst I believe that Education is a key to better preparing ourselves for tomorrow’s challenges, it must be accompanied by intelligent policy and programs that support and encourage greater creativity, innovation and commercialisation today. If elected as your Lord Mayor, I will work alongside the State Government, the Universities, learning institutions and property stakeholders to further improve the City of Adelaide’s credentials as Australia’s first choice destination for education.

The City of Adelaide has a long history of success with the Arts. In order for the sector to grow further, we must look toward the eastern states of Australia, South East Asia and the world. As your Lord Mayor, I will develop our arts sector and strengthen our local economy by attracting greater numbers of tourists to enjoy the arts as much as we do. I believe that cultural tourism has the potential to become one of our great strengths.

With works recently completed at Adelaide Oval, the city has world class Sporting infrastructure. In addition, the Santos Tour Down Under, Clipsal 500, Australian International 3 Day (equestrian) Event and others are notable sporting events. As your Lord Mayor, I will work proactively with the State Government to attract greater numbers of people to the city to enjoy our sporting events.

Leisure and business Tourism are high yielding activities and by bringing more intrastate, interstate and overseas visitors into the City of Adelaide, they not only share their wealth, they also share their ideas. The flow-on effects include greater employment, investment and social, cultural and economic benefits.

For the City of Adelaide to realise its true potential, let’s consider the possibility that the education, arts, sport and tourism sectors can provide us with a globally recognised competitive advantage. By looking ‘EAST’ toward Australia’s major markets on the eastern seaboard, to South East Asia, China and beyond, we can secure a more prosperous future for our residents, retailers, hospitality operators and business people in the City of Adelaide.

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Policy Number Three:

Under My Leadership - The City of Adelaide will ease its traffic stress and better serve the needs of its motorists, cyclists, commuters and pedestrians

“As your Lord Mayor, I will welcome people into the city and proactively support the city’s residents and businesses by reducing the barriers to entry”.

Policy Details

Adelaide’s population is not showing any signs of real growth yet the city’s traffic stress just seems to be going from bad to worse. It seems that our roads and our nerves are deteriorating at an unprecedented rate. Congestion is bad for residents and bad for business and Adelaide’s wide streets are being choked with initiatives seemingly designed to keep us out.

I am a prolific walker, a keen cyclist, driver and regular user of public transport and it seems to me that Council is doing its utmost to discourage people from using and enjoying our city. Even if Council does have a grand vision, it can do a much better job of sharing it with us.

As your Lord Mayor, I will welcome people into the city and actively support the city’s residents and businesses by reducing the barriers to entry. I will fix the roads that Council is responsible for and ensure that the State Government plays their part in fixing their own. On a case by case basis, I will review the city’s on-street and off-street car parking regimes including their pricing, operating hours and availability with the intent of making things easier; not harder. I will ensure that we better support our city businesses by welcoming more people into the city’s key retail precincts on weekdays, weekends and public holidays.

I support improved car parking solutions for Melbourne Street and O’Connell Street and for many of the city’s retail districts. I disagree with the introduction of a State Government imposed car parking tax or anything even vaguely similar that adds to the cost of parking for our residents, retailers, businesses, shoppers and visitors.

To alleviate peak hour congestion, I will provide attractive incentives for city workers to use the Council’s car parks when they share their vehicle with one or more passengers. I welcome more cycling lanes in our city; but not by building expensive concrete infrastructure that divides our roads and divides our communities. I will work with the State Government to improve public transport regimes in and around the City of Adelaide. As an avid walker, I will also ensure that our footpaths are well maintained and our streets are well lit at night.

I believe in a traffic management system that recognises people’s right to choose their own mode of transport and provides a safe and supportive environment for all. Where appropriate, I will vocally support the slowing of vehicle traffic as a means of improving safety for our pedestrians and cyclists.

I also believe in a traffic management system that keeps us moving. If the recent removal of a slip lane is proven to cause traffic to unduly bank up, I will re-instate it. I will also work with the State Government to sort out the seemingly non-sensical sequencing of our traffic lights in the city.

I strongly oppose any form of anti-social behaviour on our roads and will instigate a Council led campaign that educates city users about the mutual benefits of sharing the city’s streets with pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and public transport.

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Policy Number Four:

Under My Leadership - Adelaide City Council will raise its level of customer service for its rate payers

“As your Lord Mayor I will deliver a stronger service culture at Council and ensure that efficiency, responsiveness and accountability become our daily practice.”

Policy Details

I believe that the city’s rate payers are its customers and Council can improve its customer focus. In my own experience as a retailer, service orientated organisations are always more efficient when they are accountable to their customers and their community.

If elected as your Lord Mayor, I will instigate a number of programs that will provide you with the opportunity to rate Council’s customer service performance when you interact with it. Your feedback will then be used to inform what we do and how we do it. We will celebrate and support those senior managers and team members who embrace these values. Continuous improvement must become second nature to the Adelaide City Council.

As your Lord Mayor, I will champion the introduction of a rewards program that provides the City of Adelaide’s residential and business rate payers with incentives, rewards or discounts at Council’s car parking stations, the Adelaide Aquatic Centre, the City of Adelaide’s golf clubs, libraries and even the Town Hall. I will encourage the city’s retail and hospitality communities to also get involved by providing additional benefits for rate payers.

I want to see more rate payers working, dining, entertaining, socialising, exercising and shopping in their city. I want to see great ideas pouring in from the residential and business communities and for those ideas to be acknowledged and acted upon whenever possible. I want people to get excited about their city again and how they can contribute to it.

These are just some of the measures by which my fellow Councillors and I together will deliver greater results, set about restoring a sense of community belonging and ensure that the City of Adelaide becomes a better place to live, work and invest.

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