Principles with life changing benefits

Welcome to June 2022. I’m not sure about you, but I’m finding it difficult to believe that we are almost halfway through this year. Although don’t we say that every year? Either way, it only goes to emphasise how important it is for each of us to live our lives to the very best of our own abilities.

I was recently invited by the University of Adelaide to deliver a graduation address for their graduates on 6 May 2022. I accepted that invitation with gratitude. Having stood in their shoes some years ago, I know what an important moment it was for the graduates. Having worked hard complete their qualification, it was time to pause, reflect, celebrate and acknowledge those who had helped them get there.

In my speech, I share some valuable life lessons that serve me well even today.

With an insatiable thirst for lifelong learning, I believe in education and its ability to transform lives. In the following short video, I discuss the power of reinvention and how our personal comfort zones determine our results, two of the most transformational principles that have guided my life and career. I hope that these principles are just as valuable for you.

With kind regards,

Martin Haese MBA

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