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Vision takes courage

My Vision for the City of Adelaide

“By 2018, the City of Adelaide will be a compelling place to live, learn, work, play and visit.The city’s residents and business people will be supported by a Council that better understands their needs and aspirations”.

Listen to my vision for the City of Adelaide

Why have I put myself forward as your Lord Mayor?

Adelaide City Council is deeply divided. What was once a highly respected organisation within the community now dominates the pages of our electronic and news media for the wrong reasons. Council risks turning its back on the people that it represents. Recent events on Frome Road and at The Adelaide Central Market are only symptoms of a deeper malaise that has descended upon Town Hall.

Not being one to sit idle and criticise, I have decided to act. Council needs vision, leadership and a Lord Mayor who unifies and puts community interests first. It is time for a leader who listens and draws upon the collective wisdom of the City of Adelaide’s residents and business owners.

If elected as your Lord Mayor, I will immediately set about working with residents, the business community, my fellow elected members, council administration, the state government, state opposition, independent members, the media and the city’s stakeholders toward realising a new vision. I will ensure that our city enters an exciting new era where our residents are served better and our business community prospers.

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Why choose me for Lord Mayor? Listen here

My pledge to you:

“If elected as your Lord Mayor, I will unify everyone around a shared vision for the City of Adelaide. I will do this calmly, collaboratively and efficiently. I will not rest until your confidence has been restored and our city realises its true potential.”

Martin Haese MBA
Candidate for Lord Mayor



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