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1. Adelaide City Council area boundaries

2. Who is eligible to vote?

Owners and occupiers of property located within the boundaries of the City of Adelaide are eligible to vote. Click the link below to determine your eligibility


3. Are you registered to vote?

If you have any queries about your eligibility to vote or whether you are on the Adelaide City Council’s Voter Roll, please telephone Council on 8203 7203 or 8203 7129. Importantly, please note that the closing date to register on Council’s Voting Roll is Friday 8 August 2014

4. How do you receive a Voting Ballot Paper?

Your Voting Papers are sent to you by post. Council will mail a Voting Ballot Pack to all registered voters between Monday 20 October and Friday 24 October 2014.

5. When should you vote?

You can vote as soon as you receive your Voting Ballot Pack by;

  1. Filling in your Ballot Paper and posting it back to Council in the envelope provided. If sending by Post, your Voting Paper must be received by Council by no later than 5pm on Wednesday 5 November 2014
  2. Hand delivering your Voting Paper to Council at 25 Pirie Street during business hours by no later than by 5pm on Friday 7 November 2014

6. Information about any candidates that I am endorsing

Coming soon

7. When are the votes counted?

The votes will be counted on Saturday 8 November 2014 in the Old Methodist Hall behind Council’s administration building located at 25 Pirie Street, Adelaide. You are most welcome to come along and observe the process. The result will be announced shortly thereafter

8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Summary of key dates and voting information

  1. Voting is conducted by Post
  2. Are you eligible to vote? If unsure, call Council ASAP on 8203 7203 or 8203 7129
  3. Are you registered to vote? Call Council on 8203 7203 or 8203 7129 to register by 8 August 2014
  4. Voting papers posted to you between 20 to 24 October 2014
  5. Votes returned by post must be received by 5pm Wednesday 5 November 2014
  6. Votes delivered personally must be received by 5pm Friday 7 November 2014

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