The Adelaide Motorsport Festival (AMF)

The Adelaide Motorsport Festival was run highly successfully from 2014 - 2018 by a small team of motorsport enthusiasts before state funding was cut and forced the sudden and unexpected cancellation of the event. The AMF grew from humble beginnings where about 1,800 people attended to more than 50,000 people being engaged in all elements of the event during its last year.

As Chair of the Adelaide Motorsport Festival, it is our goal to bring the event back to South Australia as the AMF attracts interstate and overseas visitors and support jobs in our tourism, hospitality and retail industries.

Learn more about the Adelaide Motorsport Festival here.

Watch a video about the Adelaide Motorsport Festival here.


The Adelaide Rally

In the meantime, we recently staged The Adelaide Rally, the largest tarmac rally in the world and we're working on an even bigger event in 2022.

Learn more about the Adelaide Rally here.

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