"During your time on Council, you undoubtedly played an important part in Adelaide's continued growth and prosperity, contributing to its recognition as one of the world's most liveable cities. Your passion, energy, effort and professionalism certainly raised the reputation of Council in the eyes of our community which manifest in the high respect in which you are held." The Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Adelaide (2018-present) Sandy Verschoor - Letter dated 7th December 2018

"I can honestly say you are the first Lord Mayor to inspire me and instil in me a sense of pride ... Today I am proud to wear the City of Adelaide coat of arms pin ... Beyond all your tangible achievements, I wish for you to know that you have been a positive role model to me and many of my colleagues." - Name withheld, member of staff, Adelaide City Council

"Your contribution and passion towards the City of Adelaide is significant. Your leadership has enhanced the brand and reputation of Adelaide as a clean, green, sustainable and liveable city that is both a great place to live and conduct business. The City of Adelaide has championed sustainability and aspires to be the World's first carbon neutral city and enhance the business opportunities that relate to this objective. The 10 Gigabit Adelaide fast fibre optic network in partnership with TPG greatly enhances the competitive advantage for local Adelaide businesses and attracts businesses from interstate and around the globe. The bold decision to acquire the former Le Cornu site at 88 O'Connell Street will no doubt change the face of North Adelaide for decades to come. You depart the role of the Lord Mayor of Adelaide ... with a noble legacy of a city that is stronger due to your committed leadership and community engagement." - The Honourable David Ridgway MLC, Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment - Letter dated 18th October 2018

"Your work over many years to make Adelaide a smarter, greener, more liveable and creative city will leave a lasting impact and allow future generations to continue towards making Adelaide a future-facing, sustainable city." - The Honourable David Speirs MP, Minister for Environment and Water - Letter dated 24th October 2018

"May I commend you on your hard work and efforts to date in your operational role of managing the iconic Rundle Mall ... You have also demonstrated inspirational strategic leadership in guiding the Rundle Mall revitalisation project, to the stage where the masterplan and detailed designs have received formal endorsement." - The Honourable Tom Koutsantonis, Minister for Small Business - Letter dated 6th November 2012

"I have noticed with delight the City of Adelaide's progress and favourable changes since I came to set up the Consulate General ... The City of Adelaide has indeed become smarter, greener, more liveable and creative through your tireless work." - Richard Yuncai Mei, Acting Consul General, Consulate-General of the People's Republic of China in Adelaide - Letter dated 8th October 2018

"The City of Adelaide has undergone a remarkable renaissance under your watch. Your many enlightened projects have significantly put the city on the pathway to global connectivity, environmental sustainability and most importantly, high liveability for its people ... I want to thank you and Genevieve for your warm friendship, and for your personal support in the deepening of ties between Adelaide and Singapore." - Kwok Fook Seng, High Commissioner, High Commission of the Republic of Singapore, Canberra - Letter dated 18th October 2018

"Your shoes (as Lord Mayor) will be very hard to fill. You have left a legacy of co-operation and achievement that has set a new benchmark for the role and a lasting influence on the City of Adelaide and its future. As a board we genuinely appreciated your time on the RMMA board and your ongoing interest and influence on the operations and success of the Mall." - Peter Joy, Chairperson, Rundle Mall Management Authority Board - Letter dated 5th November 2018

"Under your leadership, our city has welcomed a new era of diversity and inclusiveness that is celebrated locally and recognised internationally. As a result, our city has experienced positive change, particularly in the areas of environment and innovation. Your action on climate change through Carbon Neutral Adelaide and spirit in leading Adelaide's first ever gender balanced council should be a source of immense pride." - Senator the Honourable Penny Wong, South Australian Senator - Letter dated 30th October 2018

"I have known Martin for over 20 years and his commitment, creativity and ability to think outside the square is undeniable. Martin has selflessly represented the interests of the retail community in the city over many years. As a city retailer, member on the Rundle Mall Round Table, Board Member and then General Manager of the Rundle Mall Management Authority (RMMA), Martin earned the respect of the city’s traders and developed a reputation for being a good listener, a doer and someone who gets results." - Dennis Karis, Managing Director, Shades and the Opt Shop, Rundle Mall, Adelaide - Letter dated 2014

"Martin's strong work ethic has allowed him to lead by example, inspiring those around him to go the extra mile needed for success." Dr Stephen Riady, Chairman, Overseas Union Enterprise Limited (Singapore) - Letter dated 2014

"I thank you for your service and hard work as Lord Mayor and for your contribution towards the development of the City of Adelaide." - The Honourable Vickie Chapman MP, Deputy Premier and State Attorney General - Letter dated 10th October 2018

"I would like to express my high appreciation for the valuable support that you have extended to the Indonesian community in Adelaide, particularly towards the annual Indofest in Adelaide which has promoted greater people-to-people connection between our countries and communities. Your support for last year's successful, Indonesia-Australia Business Summit in Adelaide has also brought together business communities from Indonesia and Australia in exploring more beneficial co-operation." - Y. Kristiarto S. Legowo, Ambassador, Republic of Indonesia, Canberra - Letter dated 10th October 2018

"Your success in optimising economic, social and environmental outcomes for the City of Adelaide is a testament to your enthusiasm and progressive vision for our State." - The Honourable Dan van Holst Pellekaan MP, Minister for Energy and Mining - Letter dated 23rd October 2018

"Your contribution as Lord Mayor over the last four years is commendable, particularly your efforts to work cohesively with a broad range of stakeholders to deliver innovative projects to progress our great City and State, more broadly." - The Honourable David Pisoni MP, Minister for Industry and Skills - Letter dated 17th October 2018

"Your vision, passion and dedication for the City of Adelaide is to be commended. You should feel immense pride in all you have managed to achieve for our City and our State, in your term as Lord Mayor." - Stephen Mullighan MP, Member for Lee - Letter dated 12th November 2018

"... We really applaud the role which you have carried for the last four years." - Wendy Chapman, The Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Adelaide (1983-1985) and Tom Chapman - Letter dated 19th September 2018

"Adelaide is regularly found to be one of the world's most liveable cities and this is due, in no small measure to the efforts of Council, both in itself and in its co-operation and collaboration with government, business and the community." - The Honourable Hieu Van Le AC, Governor of South Australia - Letter dated 11th October 2018

"Adelaide is a fantastic city that is building an ever widening reputation for innovation, progress and quality of life. A virtuous circle for which you and the Council can take great credit." - The Honourable Stephan Knoll, Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government and Minister for Planning - Letter dated 9th October 2018

"Under your leadership the Council have done much to enliven the city and create a positive image to the local community and our visitors." - Rear Admiral, the Honourable, Kevin Scarce AC,CSC, RAN (Rtd) Governor of South Australia (2007-2014)

"The City of Adelaide has benefitted from your tenure as Lord Mayor since 2014, during which time you drove a vigorous economic and community agenda. Most notably, your advocacy for the roll out of technology across the city, investment into infrastructure and the preservation and maintenance of the city, shows vision and your undeniable passion for the future of Adelaide." - The Honourable Tim Whetstone MP, Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development - Letter dated 22nd October 2018

"The City of Adelaide has indeed been fortunate over the past four years to have had at its helm a Lord Mayor who stands out as one of the best - in fact, probably the very best  of the Lord Mayors whom I have personally encountered, not only during my 18 years as a mayoral colleague but also during my 14 years as a member of the South Australian Legislature. You have participated enthusiastically as a member of the broader local government community ... and have provided leadership for us all on those occasions where it was appropriate for the Lord Mayor to do so." - The Honourable John Trainer OAM, Mayor, City of West Torrens (2000-2018) - Letter dated 10th October 2018

"I would like to now take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation and personally thank you for your service and the continuous support you have provided to the City of Adelaide and my work on suicide prevention over the years. Your continued patronage and that of the Lady Mayoress has contributed to our goal in promoting awareness of mental health and trying to minimise the amount of suicides in the State of South Australia. For that I am most grateful." - The Honourable John Dawkins MLC - Letter dated 16th October 2018

"The City of Sydney has appreciated the collaborative approach taken by Adelaide City Council during your time as Lord Mayor, particularly Adelaide's role as a partner in the CitySwitch Green Office Program. Adelaide's involvement has been crucial to the success of this program. Congratulations too, on the positive outcome from the redesign of Frome Street cycleway." - The Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Sydney (2004-present) Clover Moore - Letter dated 23rd October 2018

“As Chair of the Bay to Birdwood Committee, Martin is a passionate advocate for the historic motoring sector and is dedicated to ensuring that the event continues to prosper as one of South Australia’s most important community events." - Marianne Norman, Director (former) National Motor Museum - Letter dated 2014

“Martin has bought a wealth of knowledge and marketing experience to the Bay to Birdwood to assist in revitalising this significant community event ...” - Stephen Henderson, President (former) Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs SA Inc - Letter dated 2014

“I was fortunate to be employed by Martin for over 10 years. Martin is renowned for his ability to lead, connect and inspire people to take action and make changes that will positively influence their professional and personal life. His passion and drive to succeed is infectious and his commitment to his team is second to none.” - Meagan McLaren, National Sales Manager (former) Youthworks Group - Letter dated 2013

"During the past four years, you and the Lady Mayoress have breathed new life into the civic role of the City of Adelaide, raising its national and international profile with consequential benefits for the State's and the City's economy through trade and tourism." - Eric Cummins, Chairman, Australian Monarchist League, South Australia - Letter dated 17th October 2018

"Your passion for the international student sector was evident from the beginning and your outstanding support for StudyAdelaide's events and initiatives has been much appreciated. Please also convey our sincere appreciation to the Lady Mayoress as we know that she shared your dedication to supporting and advocating for international students in Adelaide. The Lord Mayor's welcome for international students is always a highlight in our calendar of events and we thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty to allocate as much time as your busy schedule allowed for photos with the students." - Karyn Kent, Chief Executive, StudyAdelaide - letter dated 2nd November 2018

"We are full of admiration for your many achievements as Mayor; your tenure has been incredibly productive and I believe you will be able to take great satisfaction in having set a new agenda for our city on many fronts. Equally, we very much respect the way that you have carried out this crucial role in our community - thoughtful, fair, energetic, always receptive and a wonderful advocate for the virtues of Adelaide." - Judy Potter, Adelaide Festival Chair (on behalf of the Adelaide Festival Board and Executive Team)  - letter dated October 2018

"You have been a major force in the rejuvenation of the city, have been innovative, and at the same time been inclusive of and welcoming to all who live in the city or come into the city for whatever reason." - Judge Rauf Soulio, Hon-Consul General, Consulate General of the Republic of Albania in Australia - Letter dated 24th October 2018

"I would like to thank you for your tireless efforts on behalf of business in the City of Adelaide and your commitment to ongoing engagement with this constituency during your tenure. Your commitment to this sector was exemplified by your willingness to support the Adelaide City Council joining our Small Business Friendly Council initiative earlier this year and leading the decision making process of the Council in regards to this partnership." - John Chapman, Small Business Commissioner - Letter dated 23rd October

"... I would also like to particularly thank you for your engagement with the Urban Development Institute of Australia and the open way in which you have sought to collaborate with industry on incentives to boost growth in the city and activate communal spaces and laneways." - Pat Gerace, Chief Executive, Urban Development Institute of Australia - Letter dated 2nd November 2018

"We note some of the achievements of which you are justly proud and thank you for the continued engagement and communication between your office and the Australian Medical Association (SA) and for your commitment towards improving better outcomes for South Australians." - Adjunct Professor William Tam, President, Australian Medical Association, South Australia - Letter dated 1st November 2018

"It has been an honour to have you as Patron of the Adelaide Turf Cricket Association during your term as Lord Mayor ... Adelaide has certainly thrived during your term in office and you have achieved so much for the city." - Ron Barber, Chairman, Adelaide Turf Cricket Association Inc - Letter dated 30th October 2018

"What a wonderful four years it has been, with great achievements and leaving the role with the city better than ever! It has been a pleasure to work with you and support initiatives to improve Adelaide. I have valued the contribution you have made to our community." - Nat Cook MP, Member for Hurtle Vale - Letter dated 23rd October 2018

"... an enlightening vision of how ties between our regions shall be enhanced through the involvement of all actors, be it on the political, economic or social level. In fact, the City of Adelaide, having witnessed an impressive growth all over the last few years, provides various opportunities to be seized ... Thanks a lot for your kindness and collaboration, but above all for making Adelaide one of the world's most liveable cities." - Ambassador Karem Medrek, Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco, Canberra - Letter dated 10th October 2018

"We thank you for your important role in re-establishing a great working relationship with the City of Adelaide, and your work done on the wider sector, in particular with regional councils." - Councillor Susan Clearihan, President, Local Government Association (on behalf of the LGA Board and Secretariat) - Letter dated 11th October 2018

"Martin is the consummate professional. He is entrepreneurial, passionate, energetic, super intelligent and capable of cutting through complexity and delivering on promised goals.” - Mark Kirtland, Managing Director, Think Water, Adelaide - Letter dated 2014

"Your dedication and commitment as Lord Mayor has been exceptional and your professionalism will be sorely missed, I have really enjoyed working with you during this time." - Glenn Spear, Mayor, City of Mitcham (2014-2018)

"I thank you for all your hard work and success on delivering important projects to revitalise the City of Adelaide, The City of Adelaide is better off as a result of your upright leadership, service and contribution to what has been a successful period of governance." - The Honourable Vincent Tarzia MP, Speaker of the House of Assembly - Letter dated 9th October 2018

"... it would be fair to say that your departure is a big loss for the City of Adelaide and South Australia in general. During your tenure as Lord Mayor, you have worked tirelessly to make this wonderful and magnificent city an even better place for all its citizens and visitors, something me and my family have experienced first hand since we arrived in Adelaide four years ago." - Andreas Gouras, Consul General of Greece in Adelaide, Dean of the Consular Corps of South Australia - Letter dated 8th October 2018

"Thank you for your contribution the City of Adelaide during your term and I applaud your unfailing dedication to making Adelaide a more liveable and vibrant city." - The Honourable John Gardner MP, Minister for Education - Letter dated 10th October 2018

"Martin is an outstanding leader with an enviable track record of delivery. In his most recently held role as General Manager of the Rundle Mall Management Authority, I found Martin to be well considered, bright and with an intuitive feeling for people issues. Martin's prior experience as a retail entrepreneur served him well as he led the organisation and the precinct through a period of protracted change and progressive development. I find Martin to be incisive, knowledgable and strategic in his approach. He is a solid team player who has played an instrumental role in activating Rundle Mall and the heart of the City of Adelaide" - The Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Adelaide (2010-2014) Stephen Yarwood - Letter dated 3rd April 2013

"On behalf of the Anglican community of Adelaide, I thank you for your work and service as Lord Mayor. I have appreciated your support ... and your participation in the life of the cathedral and the church generally." The Most Reverend Geoffrey Smith, Archbishop of Adelaide - Letter dated 9th October 2018

"We would like to extend our most heartfelt and sincerest thanks for all your wonderful dedication, expertise, support and assistance as a patron to our theatre company. Your contribution, dedication and professionalism have been essential to the thriving success of the Adelaide Repertory Theatre!" Ray Trowbridge, President, Adelaide Repertory Theatre - Letter dated 1st November 2018

"Martin demonstrated himself to be a transformative, dependable, articulate and persuasive leader and the Rundle Mall stakeholders and wider City of Adelaide owe him a debt of gratitude for playing a pivotal role in revitalising the heart of the city." - Theo Maras AM, Chairman (former) Rundle Mall Management Authority (2009-2013) - Letter dated March 2013

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