Current Roles

Genevieve is very active in the community and focusses her efforts and considerable talent in the areas of multicultural engagement, mental health and women's advocacy.

Lady Mayoress Genenvieve Thesiera Haese with Lady Porter

HerStory, South Australia


Genevieve initiated the HerStory project during her term as Lady Mayoress to celebrate and recognise the many contributions of previous Lady Mayoresses to the City of Adelaide. In her research and the telling of those forgotten stories, it quickly became apparent that there were many other incredible, untold stories of women who have been instrumental to the development of the City and State. Genevieve continues to work with the History Trust of South Australia on this important project.

Multicultural Communities Council of South Australia

Patron - Women's Migrant Group

The Multicultural Communities Council of South Australia is the peak body servicing, empowering, and advocating for cultural and linguistic diverse communities in South Australia.

The Women's Migrant Group was founded in 2018 to organise and manage the annual International Women's day celebrations.

lady-mayoress-genevieve-theseira- multi-cultural-council-south-australia-international-womens-day
The Lady Mayoress Genevieve Thesiera-Haese with Jill Chapman MOSH

MOSH (Minimisation of Suicide Harm)


MOSH (Minimisation of Suicide Harm) is committed to reducing the devastating effects of suicide in the community. MOSH focusses on early intervention, providing free services to those who are vulnerable, workshops, training, social activities and fundraising events. Genevieve actively supported MOSH during her time as Lady Mayoress and continues her work providing mentoring, fundraising support and advocacy.

Royal South Australian Society of Arts (RSA-SA)

Vice Patron

The Royal South Australian Society of Arts has a long and distinguished history as the very first arts society established in Australia. The society has been a leader in the development and promotion of South Australian artists, holding workshops, exhibitions and awards throughout the year to promote a diverse range of artistic endeavours across many disciplines.

The Lady Mayoress Genevieve Theseira holding the second edition of “A Visual History of the Royal South Australian Society of Arts” with Jack Condous
The Lady Mayoress Genevieve Theseira Haese with former Lady Mayoresses

The Mayoress Guild, South Australia


The Mayoress Guild of South Australia was formed to record and recognise the charitable and community works done by past, present and future Lady Mayoresses, Mayoresses and Lord Mayor/Mayor's partners

Amicus Global


Amicus Global is a socio-cultural organisation based in Adelaide South Australia and dedicated to the advancement of inter-culturalism, support for the Commonwealth of Nations, several global humanitarian projects and patronage of emerging visual and performing artists.

As the inaugural Patron in Chief, Genevieve actively supports Amicus Global through networking, events, raising awareness and advocacy.


Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress Genevive Theseira-Haese at the Amicus Global long table lunch in Leigh Street
Anglicare workers at the Magdalene Centre in Adelaide

The Magdalene Centre


The Magdalene Centre in Adelaide provides a range of anti-poverty services with the aim of supporting people as they regain control of their lives. The Magdalene Centre assists with housing advice, legal issues, financial counselling and raising funds.

Genevieve supports the Magdalene Centre by raising awareness of its mission and services as well as fund raising.

State Government of South Australia Social Recovery Strategic Committee

Committee Member

The Social Recovery Strategic Committee (SRSC) was established to provide effective oversight, strategic direction and leadership to drive a collaborative, coordinated and community focussed approach to social recovery in South Australia post COVID-19.

The Committee reports to the Assistant State Coordinator of State Recovery and is Chaired by Dr the Honourable Lyn Arnold AO.


South Australian COVID19 Recovery

Public speaking engagements

Genevieve is an accomplished public speaker, having addressed many and varied audiences throughout her career. Genevieve is available for guest speaking events and welcomes your enquiries.